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Whether it’s an online, in print, via SMS or in-person, Welcome Technology offers guidance and education.

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believe education is key to personal development

SABEResPODER is a trusted brand in the Latino community that Welcome Technologies owns and operates. Over a decade of working with this community has allowed us to reach millions of immigrants in need. We’ve done so through:

  • Digital Resources: Our robust content library is readily available to address the five areas most critical to success: Health, Financial Services, Education. Technology and Navigating U.S. Systems. With hundreds of digital articles ranging from “How to buy your first home” to “How to file your taxes”, as well as our printed guides, our users can rest assured they’ll find what they’re looking for.

  • Educational Products: We have a select network of products we introduce to our audience. They are thoroughly vetted to ensure they’re bringing the most value possible to immigrant families. Previous partnerships have included English courses, GED classes and educational scholarship programs

  • Q&A Services: Our platform enables users to inquire about their most pressing and personal needs via SMS or through our call center. They can count on our knowledge base and trusted advisors to recommend the next best step.

Organizations seeking to deliver high-impact goods and services to immigrant families are invited to collaborate with us.

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