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Paving the pathway to financial empowerment

Millions of immigrants have difficulty accessing fair financial services and many distrust corporate institutions. This has left a void which Welcome Tech has filled with relevant financial education and tailor-made services.

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Free Mobile Bank Account


This zero-fee, user-friendly bank account and debit card comes with a mobile application designed to give individuals control over their spending and budgeting.

With integrations to our educational content, call center and with multilingual capabilities, PODERcard offers immigrant families the security and familiarity needed to engage with banking products.


Welcome Technologies works with best-in-class remittance partners so that our 1.5M members are able to quickly and easily send money home. Additionally, with PODERcard our members have access to discounts and additional services.



By working alongside vetted microloan partners, we’re able to offer personal loans to our users with competitive APRs regardless of their citizenship status or credit history.

Financial Education

We offer hundreds of articles that cover a variety of topics including financial literacy and wellness

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Accessible Credit

A credit card that’s designed to help account holders build their credit score and access more affordable credit over time.

Organizations seeking to deliver high-impact goods and services to immigrant families are invited to collaborate with us.

Are you one such company?

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