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Healthcare made accessible and affordable

We build products and partner with organizations that deliver better access to higher quality care for immigrant communities.

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Caring for your families health and wellbeing can be challenging

7 Million

Immigrants are uninsured

1 in every 5

Child immigrants lack health insurance


Face barriers to obtaining health coverage


Dissatisfied with healthcare providers due to language barriers

Discounted Medications


The high costs of prescription medication can be detrimental to some families. We’re able to reliably provide discounted medications to our members.

Affordable Dental Care

Welcome Tech has partnered with best-in-class dental partners to provide free and discounted dental services to our members. With over half of non-citizens diagnosed with periodontal disease, this is particularly important.

Health Guidance

We’ve received and responded to tens of thousands of questions related to healthcare and wellness, showcasing how much the immigrant community is seeking reliable, high-quality care at low costs. By leveraging unique user and geographic data we refer them to nearby clinics and services that lead to the right attention.

Discounted Health Services

Coming Soon! Soon we’ll be offering greater access to care, pre-negotiated medical services and guidance from health experts.

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