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The first technology company dedicated to improving the lives of immigrants

While every ethnic group has its own nuances and cultural identities, our data has helped us to identify areas of need that are consistent across immigrant groups in the United States.

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Immigrant communities in every country have long depended on word-of-mouth and trial and error rather than data driven recommendations. In many cases this has been highly inefficient and in some cases it has left communities vulnerable to predatory activities.

Welcome Technologies seeks to leverage data and technology to eliminate these inefficiencies and improve outcomes for our nation’s immigrant families.


Immigrants and their families are among the highest uninsured and underinsured in the country. The U.S. has a complex healthcare services system and many first-generation community members struggle to access essential care. We partner with organizations that recognize the need to make healthcare more accessible to the immigrant community.

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Financial Services

Financial literacy and empowerment are critical to the success of immigrant community members and their families. Whether it’s finding a job, choosing a bank or building credit the challenges can be abundant. We’re changing that.

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Many immigrants move to a new country with the hope of advancing their lives through educational opportunities. Others are open to learning but our bogged down by the demands of settling into a new country. We offer guidance that lead to the best educational resources.

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Market Research

We connect clients with the hardest-to-reach demographics and our response rate is unparalleled.

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