Lower your employee turnover and recruit more efficiently.

Welcome+ gives employers the tools to optimize workplace retention and recruitment.


Benefits for all

Built for your diverse workforce and their families.

Offered in both Spanish & English

Benefits and customer support available in Spanish and English.

Activate and enroll workers at any time

Register and enroll your workforce 365 days out of the year. No static open enrollment periods.

$1 a day per employee and family2

Available to all, at the same price, inclusive of their family.
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Health Benefits and Medical Discounts1

Global Travel
Legal Access
ID Protection
Diabetic Care
Mental Health
Roadside Assistance

Attract and retain qualified candidates

Welcome+ includes a proprietary jobs platform that gives you access to millions of highly qualified, motivated workers. Our extensive database profiles candidates based on their job interests, skill sets, and ZIP codes.


As easy as sending & receiving a text message


Welcome + demographic profiling is more specific than traditional job networks


Less than a $1 a day

Start saving today

Retention Impact Calculator

See how much you can save with Welcome+

Cost of 1 employee quitting


Maximum value is 10,000
Annual turnover


Maximum value is 1,000
Number of employees


Maximum value is 1,000,000


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Target reduction in employee turnover


On healthcare for employees and their family for only $1 per day


Target increase in retention rate within the first 90 days
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Help power the potential of immigrants to strengthen society.

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At Welcome Tech, we're building the future of immigration by empowering immigrant families with the tools and support they need to confidently establish themselves in a new country. Leveraging our expansive proprietary data, we've crafted a suite of services uniquely tailored to the aspirations of immigrant communities, ultimately powering their potential to strengthen society.

Welcome Tech is creating tools for the more than 88 million immigrant household members across the US who wield over $900B in annual buying power. Our community brand is a household name within the Hispanic immigrant community in the US, which is the largest immigrant community in the world, and we are creating tools to make our platform accessible to all languages and extend our resources into more countries.
  1. Your membership is effective upon receipt of the membership materials. This program is NOT insurance coverage and does not meet the minimum requirements for creditable coverage under the Affordable Care Act or Massachusetts M.G.L. C. 111M and 956 CMR 5.00. Importance Notice: The Teladoc Mental Health and MRI & CT Scans benefits are only available in the continental U.S; not available in Hawaii, Alaska or outside the U.S. Contains a 30-day cancellation period.
  2. Based on an indicative plan priced at $30 per month per employee. Actual prices will vary by plan.
  3. Calculation is an estimate only, please note that actual savings are not guaranteed. Any data provided is for illustrative purposes only and will not be saved or used elsewhere.